Three Percenters Official Statement After LaVoy Finicum's Death

News has traveled far and fast regarding last nights Federal Bureau of Investigation’s (FBI’s) snatch and grab of Ammon Bundy and several other members of the militia that are occupying the Federal Wildlife Refuge in rural Oregon. Eyewitness accounts are surfacing, and lots of unverified speculation is spreading like wildfire. As III%ers, it is our responsibility to consider all facts and information available.

When the stand-off began in early January, the passion and intention to publicize great injustices by the Federal Government was greatly admired. What was conflicted was the position taken by the Refuge occupiers. Early on, this organization and many other organizations with a national presence quickly denounced the actions of overtaking the refuge. While these organizations disagreed with their approach, they also denoted that there would be “No More Free Wacos”. Meaning, that the people of the country would not allow the federal authorities to cause another mass slaughter. As this event concludes, it seems increasingly clear that we actually got what we asked for.

There are many that are expressing significant frustration with the loss of one of the occupiers at the hands of law enforcement. Something to consider is this. The FBI, while capable, didn’t storm the facility with guns blazing and cause the death of countless innocents. There was no slaughter. There was no “Battle of Harney County”. Had there been, this would be a very different statement. The occupation leadership was apprehended relatively peacefully and then authorities allowed any remaining occupiers quickly disperse the refuge. Actually, they let them go without question as long as they left. Still, some have refused to leave and are not leaving. This is against the wishes of Ammon Bundy who has already told them to go home and live to fight another day.

Our stance is that we are relieved that so many were spared and violence, almost entirely, was averted. We also hold the stance that there is no call to arms at this time. There is no request for people to go to Oregon. The refuge and surrounding areas are under federal control and anyone traveling there to show support is being turned around and/or taken into custody. Right now, we ask that all patriots see this as a victory in the sense that there was no slaughter, like was asked, and that our demands were met. We are not looking for “vengeance” for the fallen. Respect his fall by continuing to promote peaceful resolution and showing that We the People will not back down. We don’t want patriots taking matters into their own hand and very likely fueling the fire of those who would label us as terrorists. Maintain a calm, but very alert, persona. There are talks among national leaders to determine the next steps in preserving the Constitution, but the biggest factor is ensuring that we maintain the moral high ground.

As III%ers, your focus should be on getting in touch with your zone and state leadership. Focus on your Area of Operation (AO), your home, YOUR front line. Make sure you are doing what you need to do to secure your AO and be ready to stand against any aggression there. If at any point, in the near or distant future, we need you to mobilize, there will be no question on that necessity. The refuge in Oregon is not the same scenario as the Battle of Lexington... not even close.

“Stand your ground. Do not fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it begin here.” Captain John Parker, Battle of Lexington, April 19, 1775.

Head on a swivel, stay alert, stay focused, but most of all, stay peaceful until violence is brought to you. ~Punisher III% ~Reaper III%

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