Iraqi SWAT Wants Your Instagram Vote For ISIS Executions

Are you not entertained? Is this not why you are here?

An Instagram account supposedly run by Iraqi Special Operation Forces soldiers (@iraqiswat) is allowing its social media followers to decide the fate of the ISIS captives they have captured in battle.

“We have aressted one of isis in south of Mosul. You can vote For (kill him or let him go) You have one hour (hour) to vote We will post his fate after one houer Tag your friends and take your right take your reveng(e) from isis right now. Please we dont have the time just one houer so tag your friends.”

The Iraqi troops have promised to honor the votes, and were very apologetic that they couldn’t post the actual executions on Instagram due to the social media site’s user agreement.

We are living at an incredible, crazy time. Through our technological advances that allow us to instantly communicate globally, we can exact primal revenge with the click of a button. The account’s followers aren’t just stopping at voting on whether the suspect lives or dies, but there are several absolutely brutal suggestions on how the terrorist should be tortured and killed.

Source: Funker530

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