Three Percenters Stomp Out Heroin At Zone Meet

August 6th marked another successful meet for Zone A of The Three Percenters - Missouri Chapter and Zone Leader Eric Hilbrenner. Local patriots were to meet up to discuss first aid training and the upcoming state training exercise. What they found on site, however, was a little disturbing: Heroin. "Black tar heroin to be exact." Eric said. "It was stashed on one of the supporting poles for the shelter house roof." This was the second time this week that drugs had been found in a park in Blue Springs. Luckily for this community it was the III% and not a local youth that stumbled across the narcotics. After identifying the drugs, member Tony Easter made a call to police.

The responding officer was all business at first. Seemingly unfazed by the found drugs, she went strait to work cataloging and taking them into police possession. It was while she was doing so that Tony Easter noticed that the K-9 unit with the officer was a Belgian Malinois, which Tony is a breeder of.

The conversation quickly changed from drugs to dogs and became very cordial. After a lengthy discussion about their community, the local police officer parted ways with the members of Zone A, grateful for what they had done for Blue Springs.

This incident is an example of how we as Three Percenters can make a difference in our community simply by being upstanding citizens. It shows us that being a Three Percenter isn't just about dawning paramilitary gear and training with firearms. It's about defending our communities from everyday threats and working within them for the betterment of our nation as a whole.

The simple act of reporting a bag of heroin to local police may seem trivial to some, but it may have saved a child's life. And that is in no way insignificant.

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