CALL TO ACTION: The Three Percenters Response to Bunkerville Standoff Retrial

CALL TO ACTION. As many of you may be aware, during the Bunkerville standoff retrial on Thursday from Bundy vs US an Idaho man by the name of Eric Parker was in the middle of his testimony when Judge Gloria Navarro abruptly cut him off, struck his testimony from the record, dismissed the jurors, and walked off her stand before the jurors even made it out the door. The prosecution team and Judge Navarro have boldly and intentionally violated Parker’s constitutional rights. The defense has been denied the ability to call any witnesses to testify on their behalf and the defendant was even removed from the stand and not allowed to testify on his own behalf. As good, law-abiding citizens we have tried to handle this situation by first contacting our representatives and senators to report the atrocities taking place. We have even gone so far as to contact the senate judiciary committee, Attorney General Sessions, and President Trump, all to no result.

Since we received no response and this is a timely manner, we have escalated our call of action to include a peaceful and professional rally in protest of the atrocities that have publicly taken place. We are calling all citizens to rally to protest, in unison, across the nation on Monday, August 14th at 9:00 a.m. PST. We will be placing tea on the courtyard of all federal courthouses across the United States to symbolize the historic actions of the founding fathers that occurred in 1774 in Boston, showing We, The People, have had enough of an overreaching and oppressive government. Every man is entitled to a fair trial and it is time to make a stand.

In Las Vegas tomorrow hundreds, maybe even thousands, will show up in support and defense of all of our constitutionally guaranteed rights, not just for this defendant, but for We, The People. We urge every American citizen to remember their pledge of allegiance: "…with liberty and justice for ALL."

Sincerely, The Three Percenters National Council

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