CALL TO ACTION: Operation Safeguard (UPDATED 161030SAUG17)

CALL TO ACTION: Operation Safeguard (UPDATED 161030SAUG17) We, The Three Percenters, are calling upon like-minded three percenters to standby to help safeguard all Confederate monuments and statues in towns and cities near you from ANTIFA, BLM, KKK, Neo-Nazi, white supremacy, and other hate groups until The People's voice is heard on the matter. We have credible intel that show that some of these hate groups are currently planning on destroying and defacing monuments and statues all across the country. It is our duty to ensure that The People's voice is heard.

We publicly condemn ANTIFA, BLM, KKK, Neo-Nazi, white supremacy, and similar groups who wish to take matters into their own hands by resulting to violence and destroying private property which was funded by tax payer's money. We also publicly reject KKK, Neo-Nazi, and other white supremacy groups from attending any of our gatherings and under no circumstance are we going to support them. If these groups show up we will ask them to leave and distance themselves from us. We also forbid any self-proclaimed "patriot" who shares the same views with these racist groups from attending.

We call upon all local law enforcement and officials to help us safeguard these statues and to NOT stand down or standby while watching these monuments and statues be defaced and destroyed.

Our message when safeguarding these monuments and statues is simple: We are here to ensure that the voice of The People is heard, either by the democratic or republic process. We recommend signage and posters be made that proclaims this message. Additional signage and posters should read that we condemn and stand against ANTIFA, BLM, KKK, Neo-Nazi, white supremacy, and all other hate groups.

If the voice of The People, by ballot or representative, is to remove the statue/monument, then so be it; the voice of The People was heard. If you personally feel that these monuments and statues do not need to be removed, it is up to you to rally the vote or contact your elected officials to ensure the perseverance of these landmarks. The fate of these monuments and statues rests upon your shoulders. Contact your District, Zone, and State Leaders for further direction.

Sincerely, The Three Percenters National Council

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