All State Chapters and Members:

Texas is getting pounded by Hurricane Harvey. Scouts on the ground with our organization are reporting rains up to 20-30 inches, winds up to 200 mph at times, and major property damage in some areas.

It is our DUTY to respond and help our fellow Americans and Patriots in this difficult time. No matter how little you can help, IT ALL MATTERS.

The Three Percenters is working to dispatch supplies and manpower efforts. All states are to get their zone leadership to make a drop off point for supplies and donations. Once these "drop off sites" are complete state tier is to coordinate how the drop off sites will amass in one location for transport to TX. At that point when all supplies and donations are gathered in ONE place the State Leader needs to notify me so that I can give out destinations of where it is to go via Patriot Express. Once I get work orders for areas needing manpower and the National Guard or Governor clear us to move in I will start compiling a list of areas and work orders needed. Contact your leadership in your state chapter on Facebook if you want to help.

Rick Zambujo National Strategic Planning Officer

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