The Three Percenters’ Response to Josh Hafner's USA Today Article titled "Three Percenters:

On March 1st 2018, anti-gun activist Josh Hafner (a writer for USA Today) published a liberal hit piece about The Three Percenters - Original ( with several factual inaccuracies.

Looking at Hafner's work ( you can't help but notice the left-leaning lack of journalistic integrity. This article he wrote for USA Today about The Three Percenters - Original was just another mark on the old Tally Stick for his anti-gun agenda.

Hafner's Unverified Sources

In the first sentence of his article, Hafner claims: "Up to 500 protestors[sic] from a group known as The Three Percenters may descend Saturday upon the Virginia headquarters of Nexus Services".

Come on, Josh. You can't even verify the very first sentence of your hit piece?

It wasn't The Three Percenters - Original who staged this protest and it wasn't 500 protesters. This protest was started by a single man who belongs to an unaffiliated group (Ghost Squad) and at last count they had around 30 protesters planning on showing up. This [false] information came from Nexus CEO Michael Donovan.

We know these types of tactics have been used before by some people (artificially inflating numbers) in attempts to draw more support for a cause or protest.

If Hafner had done even a little bit of research to verify Donovan's information, he would have [easily] discovered the same thing we did.

The SPLC strikes again!

In the article, Hafner explains "The Southern Poverty Law Center, which tracks hate groups, lists the Three Percenters as an anti-government group."

We have said it before and we'll say it again: We are not anti-government. We are actually very pro-government!

Hafner also says "And the Southern Poverty Law Center cites some examples of racial targeting in the past by some members." without providing any sources. Those who are members of The Three Percenters come in all colors. Unlike the liberal media with their identity politics, we do not discriminate.

Trying to paint a bad picture...

"Those identifying with the group in the past year have both denounced racism and tried to blow up a building."

Here, we assume Hafner is referring to Jerry Drake Varnell, who was definitely not a Three Percenter.

Jerry Varnell was an unstable paranoid schizophrenic who the FBI manipulated into trying to bomb a bank, knowing full well of his medical history. Instead of being hospitalized, they supplied the means and materials and persuaded Varnell to commit this criminal act. Jerry Varnell was not a Three Percenter nor did he ever have any ties to or contact with The Three Percenters - Original.

It's interesting how Hafner chose to write all of this garbage about The Three Percenters - Original without verifying any sources and without ever even contacting any of us. Do you think he has an agenda?

If it wasn't for Hafner's anti-gun agenda, the people reading his article in USA Today would probably be surprised to learn about all of the great training, medical & safety classes, community outreach, fundraisers and disaster relief that The Three Percenters - Original do on a daily basis.

But they're not talking about that are they? Nope. They just want to get rid of our guns. To that we say: Molon Labe!

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