The Three Percenters - Original, Rebuttal to the Seattle Times

After reading your piece yesterday covering the “March For Our Rights” rally, it is clear how biased your newspaper has become. The lack of journalistic integrity by Joseph O’Sullivan is insulting to many who are part of my organization. I am the Region Leader for The Three Percenters – Original, which includes seven western states. I am also the Washington State Leader, and have issue with how you have portrayed my organization. I know you are only referring back to the Southern Poverty Law Center classification of my organization, but their classification is wrong. They are not a reputable source, and have been dropped by all government organizations who used to use their information. They even classify the American College of Pediatrics as an “Extremist Group” ( So using the SPLC as a source to slander my organization shows just how biased your articles are. Second, any investigation into The Three Percenters – Original – Washington would show that we are very pro-government. We are pro Constitutional government and very much understand the need for government. What we draw issue with is tyranny. America is currently upset with their government. You could say being anti-government is “mainstream” now. Organizations calling for the impeachment of the President, “never Trumpers,” and Antifascists destroying their cities in protest are just a few examples of groups demonstrating their anti-government ideals. What is different between these groups and The Three Percenters? They get lots of news coverage, support from left leaning politicians, and press that encourages the behavior and normalizes it. What isn’t shown on the news or reported? The Three Percenters community outreach. As an organization we strive to support, prepare, and defend our communities against all threats. These threats can come in many forms; natural disasters, foreign attack, poverty, transportation accident, and yes, a tyrannical government. Our members learn Ham radio communications, go through FEMA CERT training, learn firearms safety and marksmanship, and, most importantly, give back in any way that they can. Over the last few months we organized a downtown Olympia “Christmas Eve Street Feed” in which we fed deep fried turkeys and smoked hams to over 300 homeless in the snow. We support 2 street feeds per week that are organized by Crazy Faith Ministries. We have supported wildfire victims across the country. We had teams at ground zero in both Texas and Florida for the hurricane rescues and cleanup. We supported WSDOT at ground zero for the Amtrak derailment. We currently have an active boot drive for homeless veterans. We support many local organizations in supporting our communities. The negativity surrounding our organization stems from poor journalism mixing us up with the III% Security Force, who we have publicly denounced in this statement that I authored: I demand that you educate yourself as to our real mission. We are not who you portray and with a quick look into our organization it is clear. Next time please look further than Wikipedia to research us, because yes that page links us to III% Security Force and Wikipedia refuses to let us update the information, alleging that we are “too close to the movement to be objective.” Remember, we are doctors, lawyers, landscapers, contractors, teachers, preachers, business owners, cashiers, pilots, politicians, police officers, firefighters, Uber drivers, parents, and grandparents. We are EVERYWHERE.

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