Hero's Home Gate BBQ

Hero’s Home Gate BBQ – The Three Percent – Originals – Missouri

Memorial Day is typically spent by millions of Americans hosting family gatherings to celebrate the beginning of summer, missing the true meaning of the National Holiday. Memorial Day started as a celebration honoring those who paid the ultimate sacrifice for freedom by decorating the grave of fallen Civil War soldiers. This meaning was not lost on The Three Percent chapter in Missouri.

Hero’s Home Gate is a charity ran in Kansas City, Missouri providing transitional housing for homeless veterans before they can secure a more permanent housing solution. This charity was founded in 2001 and 80% of veterans have established a more permanent housing solution. Although these veterans were not physically lost forever, their scars acquired defending our freedoms are just as permanent and have led to additional losses over their lives.

Carl Mitchell felt inspired saying, “…these brave men chose to try to cope with their injuries in ways that in most cases were not healthy, suffering from PTSD, substance abuse, (which) for some, their substance abuse lead to crime. These brave men hit rock bottom (and) this is where Hero's Home Gate has stepped in. Their program allows for the men to put their lives back together again. Most of the men and women are without the traditional family support and traveling the road they are on, many do not feel as though they should be honored. I disagree. These men deserve to be honored for the sacrifice they have made.”

Carl Mitchell, even with a short notice, decided that his way of honoring this sacrifice was to plan a BBQ event for these veterans to give them a great meal and a way to connect with their communities in the area. Mr. Mitchell called out to his great state and obtained help from Steven Qualman, Aaron West, Vondora West, Richard Lippert, Ronnie Phillips, David Armes, Eric Hilbrenner, Craig Lee, Ken Vining and their accompanied family members. These members donated their time through the holiday weekend honoring those who paid a cost for our freedom. Please help me honor these members as they continue representing The Three Percent – Originals in the best way possible.

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