Patriots in Need

I may not personally know Will Maguire or Marisa Reber personally, but I still consider them family as do most of you. We are all members of The Three Percenters – Original. We have all sworn a pledge to uphold the Constitution of the United States, to serve our communities, and serve our fellow citizen, but this time it’s different for all of us. It’s one of our own that needs our aid and we must stand together to do what we can.

Everything was wonderful for Will and Marisa as they cherished their brand new baby boy, Blake. Their Facebook newsfeeds, like all parents, were filling full of pictures of Blake in new outfits, being held by mom and dad. It came time to finally bring Blake home. This home was a new home from the family, paid for by hard work and dedication, which they had just acquired weeks before. The first night home with Blake, they allowed their son, Tristan, to have a sleep over.

That night the unthinkable occurred as their home was directly struck by a tornado. With winds destroying everything in its wake, they took whatever shelter they could find with Blake right by their sides. After the devastating storm had passed, mom and dad suffered some bumps and bruising, but Blake required additional medical treatment. Blake was taken by life-flight to Bismarck, but the injuries were too great for him to overcome and he was welcomed to heaven on his 6th day of life.

There has been a page set up to aid this family in their time of need. This page will gather funds that will only go to Will and Marisa to handle their expense and start the process of rebuilding their lives.

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