Go... And spin no more.

On August 4th 2018 conservative patriot organizations converged on Portland, Oregon after securing the proper permits to exercise their free speech, 1st amendment right in a peaceful march. Five days later the extreme leftist propaganda machine Willamette Week published an article that had so much centrifugal force, the last time we checked before releasing this rebuttal, the article was still spinning like a lathe. We have a message for the Willamette Week that has worked well for others known for their 'ill-repute'.

"Go... And spin no more." (the article is linked below) Or just go away. Seriously... we are OK with either or.


In this article we seek to shed some light and steady this vessel with truth and facts. Because frankly, I got car sick just reading it. The information and account they present is a stretch at best and nothing short of crude and fraudulent.

Let us begin, well, right where they began. In the title of the article. 'Right-Wing Marchers From Across the Country Have Declared Portland Enemy Territory to Conquer'. This surprised me frankly. You would think a seasoned writer and veteran journalist such as... uh... whats his name again? (hold on while I pull the article up again... I forgot his name). Oh yea!... Jason Wilson or John Smith (He goes by a couple names on the blog scene) would have covered his false tracks well beyond the elementary level he appears to be operating at. Wilson errs greatly by attempting to falsely influence his readers by using the phrase, 'Have Declared Portland Enemy Territory to Conquer'. We can save you hours and hours of grueling internet research and investigation by just telling you that NO SUCH DECLARATION HAS EVER BEEN MADE BY ANY PATRIOT ORGANIZATION WHATSOEVER. This claim of Wilson's was made to mislead and confuse his readers from the start and hook them like fish to be lead as far into the land of make believe as Wilson wishes to take them. Nothing short of 'just another day at the office' for the writers of Willamette Week.

All Patriot organizations can agree that as long as Portland is a United States Territory IT WILL NEVER BE ENEMY TERRITORY. It will always be passionately pursued by those who love this country and stand for the Constitution on which her foundations have been set.

In firmly disputing Wilson's claims that these patriots came to Portland, "...girded for battle' we would like to direct our readers to the principles that guide and direct every aspect and last detail of these organizations. That of which can be found in our THIRD PRINCIPLE of a ThreePercenter. In this principle we clearly make known that we will never be the aggressor or the antagonist and our postures are and will always be defensive in nature with aggression being a last resort in order to defend ourselves.

All throughout the slanderous fairly tale Wilson has penned we can see that our motives for being in Portland appear to be quite misunderstood and blatantly misrepresented. We would like to direct our readers to the clearly stated goals and purposes of a ThreePercenter patriot as stated in our by-laws. "The goal and main focus of ‘The Three Percenters’ is to get patriots to network, prepare, and petition together on a local level." Friends, readers and fellow patriots alike, this was indeed our clearly stated purpose on Saturday, August 4th in Portland Oregon. We are confident that is what it will remain.

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