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Good evening fellow Patriots and members of The ThreePercenters Original. On Tuesday, Nike decided that they would thrust Colin Kaepernick and his disrespect of our military service members and law enforcement agents to the forefront of their promotional campaigns. Making Kaepernick and his continued assault on the men and women who protect and serve this nation at home and abroad the rallying point for those who wish to purchase their product. In doing so, Nike has made their position very clear. They have chosen to take an offensive and aggressive stance against the millions of Americans who strongly oppose the misguided actions and behavior Kaepernick continues to demonstrate against the very men and women who protect us. As such, The ThreePercenters Original is calling for all fellow ThreePercenters and Patriots alike to participate in a complete and total boycott of all for-profit products and services producing revenue by Nike and their subsidiaries including Converse, Hurley, Jordan and Sparq.

The issue arising from Kaepernick kneeling for the National Anthem at NFL football games had long since simmered down and little was to be heard of the controversy of lately. Nike has freely chosen to set themselves against our men and women in blue, all US service members and the millions of Americans who have decried Kaepernick’s actions. This boycott is solely defensive in nature and in alignment with the principles and values all ThreePercenters swear to live and act by. Nike made a crystal clear statement that let America know how much they value the voice and support of the millions upon millions of citizens who opposed Kaepernick’s actions. They have moved forward with the might and power of billions of dollars to oppose the men and women who risk their life for this great nation. In turn, we, The ThreePercenters Original, have drawn a line in the sand and have said, “This is as far as you go.”

Please join us in support of the brave men and women who serve and protect this nation and refuse to spend one more penny on any and all of the aforementioned brands of products. We look forward to unifying under the banner of this worthy endeavor.

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