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Socialism - The Lie

May 10, 2019


After reviewing the content on this blog, I decided to take a different approach. Most posts deal with events and alerts in particular regions. While all these are important, I decided to focus my content on general issues that directly or indirectly impact our constitutional republic. The first part of this series Socialism - The Lie will begin with a quick summary of an incident we are observing in the headlines - Venezuela. Later parts will cover other aspects of socialism that are directly ingrained within our nation. So yes...I'm basically being part teacher and part preacher. However, it's not my intention to be too cerebral. I want to be informative but speak plainly so my own children can read and grasp the concepts. fancy words (Did enough of that as a novelist). I will leave it to the III% family whether this content is suitable for this blog. Don't worry. I won't take offense. Shall we begin?


While perusing mainstream media, you will never find a shortage of propaganda concerning the ideology of socialism. Lately, politicians have made socialism a fundamental part of their presidential platform. They attempt to gloss over this ideology by commonly referencing it as "Democratic Socialism"  - as if this window dressing hasn't been used before. This is the first warning when a movement attempts to thwart a free people. The battle always begins with language.


Brief Case Study - Venezuela


Having one of the largest oil reserves and benefitting from high oil prices, the populace enjoyed a prosperous way of life during the 1950's - ranked as the 4th wealthiest nation. Despite their prosperity, their country was still governed by a dictatorship. And with this revenue came monstrously high public spending. Money was poured into everything from education, healthcare to food subsidies. Because of the current price of oil, these state-sponsored programs were paid for, including the highest worker wages in all of Latin America.




USA comparison (part one) Does the above sound vaguely familiar?  Benefitting from a strong GDP, we have spent money in the name of progressive ideology - an oxymoron at best. Too many programs to be mentioned for this article, but they have amounted to a national debt exceeding 20 trillion. To give you an idea of how vast that number is - If you sat in a room and counted, it would take you 640,000 years.


Again...High GDP with high spending. Let us continue.



Venezuela 1970 thru mid 1990's


Because of the rising level of spending, Venezuela decided to nationalize their oil industry to better control both refinement and production. the 1980's, the oil prices collapsed. Without a diverse economic infrastructure, an incoherent political system, mixed with high spending, Venezuela's economy began to collapse. Inflation sky-rocketed and wages were lowered to drastic levels. In 1994 these problems were exacerbated with what is known as the Venezuelan Banking crisis - resulting in the government taking control of half of their banking assets through bailouts.


USA comparison (part two): Doesn't this sound very familiar. Over a decade ago our economy was in turmoil. "Bailouts, bankruptcies, Tarp, Oh my!"



Venezuela - Hugo Chavez to present day



At this point the country was ripe for a takeover. This is where Hugo Chavez enters the scene. Oil prices increased shortly following his presidency in 1998, giving him the ability to herald his socialistic reforms. Under the guise of Democratic Socialism, he implemented his agenda, once again pouring government money into state programs. However, declining oil prices returned, compelling foreign investors to pull their assets. The economy collapsed, adding to the civil and political unrest that exists to this day.



USA comparison (part three): As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, many of our politicians are promising a civil utopia under the banner of Democratic Socialism. Promises of free Healthcare and education has the younger generations swooning with socialistic fervor.




The mother of my daughter is from Chile. As a child, she witnessed the Dictatorship of Pinochet. She teases me every now and then about my concerns regarding socialism and the threat against our republic. She says "That could never happen here. The constitution is too strong."


Yes...we do benefit from a strong constitution, but how much would it take to erode our constitution from within? Have we not seen our rights deteriorate over the years at an accelerated rate?


1. Patriot act

2. Federal Reserve

3. Obamacare

4. United Nations (Agenda 21)


These are but a few of the internal and external influences that have changed our economic and social culture. Go through the Bill of Rights and see which ones have been weakened over the years. Look at the legislation they are trying to pass now. Have you ever seen the litany of gun control legislation like we are seeing today? The 2nd amendment is our last great equalizer.


Okay...I'm a windbag. Sorry. But in truth, what I noted above is but a summary. There are novels about this, so for the interest in time, I kept it as brief as possible. 


The second part of my Socialism -The Lie will follow where I will explore the language and cultural shift that is currently taking place in our nation.


God Bless.

























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