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Socialism - The Lie (Part 2)

May 18, 2019

Part one demonstrated the outcome of a socialistic government using Venezuela as a case study. Though it was simplified for the sake of keeping the article at a reasonable length, its purpose was to give you a broad road map as to the eventual outcome of this government system.


In this article, I probe a little deeper by revealing the mechanisms of this political movement and the myths around its appeal, especially with the younger generation.  


Part One - The False Narrative & Economics

With the dawn of the presidential election cycle comes ideology and policies that attempt to display a positive light on socialism. For one... the term Democratic Socialism. There is nothing democratic about socialism aside from using the veil of democracy to implant an ideology until one group obtains power. History is littered with despots who achieved their aims by open elections, only to deprive the free will of a populace once power and control was achieved. Many don't realize that Adolph Hitler's initial power came in the form of democratic elections, where citizens voted to allow National Socialists party seats within the German chancellery. Let's not beat around the bush. Socialism is the collection of power and control over its populace by a centralized authority.


Socialism defined: a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole.

a : a system of society or group living in which there is no private property

b : a system or condition of society in which the means of production are owned and controlled by the state


Politicians are trying to spin a positive light upon Socialism by using current Governments and their programs as an example of its worthiness. Many openly praise Denmark and Sweden for their ability to serve the common welfare with their social programs. The only problem is, Denmark and Sweden DO NOT PRACTICE SOCIALISM.


Denmark and Sweden are Free-market capitalists whose citizens pay high taxes in order to fund their healthcare, retirement, and educational programs.


Denmark and Sweden

Both governments practice a Parliamentary representative democracy and constitutional monarchy (Monarch is Head of state - similar to UK), whose revenue is derived from a free market economy. High taxes account for the free healthcare and education. However, if one wishes for superior healthcare, both countries have private market options. (A choice that has increased over the years in these countries due to quality of service)


Though these economies flourish, one cannot discount size. Demark is only the size of Maryland and Sweden is about 3/4 the size of Texas. Social programs are easier to manage at this scale. As long as their economies continue to prosper, and their citizens are willing to pay the higher taxes, they will be able to fund their social programs. However...if you read my prior post regarding Venezuela, it was the spending with an economic downturn that led to their demise. Denmark and Sweden have a strong free-market foundation, so hopefully they can overcome any future adversity.


Bottom Line: Denmark and Sweden are not Socialists. The state does not manage industry and production. Democratic-socialism does not exist as a current governmental form. And never in history has socialism worked in the long run. Only capitalism in a free-market society can allow an individual to improve his/her standard of living.


Part Two- Language and collectivism

Socialism is about stripping what makes each person and individual to extinguish any threat of a social class. If all are the same, none can threaten the social order-power base. In the USA, the method of socialists to achieve this end is done in multiple ways: 




1. Social Justice & the Inequality Myth

Though racism exists, it does not nearly impact society as much as socialists claim. All Americans are protected by the constitution and have the opportunity to excel in whatever industry or trade they wish to pursue. Yelling "racist," "homophobe," "misogyny," or using the hash tag #me too, does not create jobs, arouse empathy, or offer one the means to improve his/her position in life. There are racial abuses, and horrible deeds perpetrated by men, women, and all races. But those supporting socialism want to create a victim culture, convincing you that inequalities are a systemic virus eroding our nation. There is still work that needs to be done in this area, but as a nation, we have made great strides toward rectifying the inequities of our past. Whether male, female, gay, straight, black, brown, or white, we all possess inalienable rights from GOD and the freedom to make our lives better. 


2. Gender

The dawn of LBGTQ movement has  brought about philosophical terminology to either eradicate gender altogether or blur it with over 57 classifications, thereby making the concept of gender void. How one feels about sexuality or gender is their choice, and it should be done without malice or bullying from others. But regardless of how you feel, gender is not a philosophical issue... it's biological. You are male or female. Blending the sexes together is just another form of control, especially when it involves the mental pressures and abuse of our youth by those who support this philosophy.


3. Censorship 

Part of our first amendment is the freedom of speech. Those that support socialism can only feed the propaganda machine if they control the narrative. That is why the far-left rarely opens an open dialogue for discussion, labeling all forms of opposition as Hate Speech. They preach their false doctrine of unity and peace while censoring social media sites. Conservative pages on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook are being systematically removed by far greater frequency than liberal pages. By deplatforming the opposition, only left-wing ideology is spread through social media - a platform predominantly used by our youth; As if the younger generation isn't bombarded enough with leftist ideology via the colleges and middle schools.


Part 3 - Gun Control


We used always say "Obama is coming for our guns." But in truth, there was never a proactive movement toward that endeavor. However, the climate has now changed. We have not seen and heard this much gun control rhetoric since the weapons ban of 1994. The question we must ask is "Why now?" And the answer is simple. The progressive movement is controlling the narrative. Recent mass shootings at the hands of psychopaths has fueled their resolve. With the Democratic-Socialism agenda at the forefront of the election cycle, it is there mission to deprive upstanding citizens of their second amendment rights.

Their narrative is lie, shrouded in hypocrisy.

Score: Firearm deaths:            38,746 (11000 non-suicide)                                                                             

            Motor vehicle Deaths: 38,748

            Abortions:                       892,000 (Yes... that number is correct) 


This argument is not about safety and sanctity of life. It's about control. History has shown what happens when you take the guns away from the people. 



The items I listed above and their descriptions are just the tip of the iceberg. There are innumerous agendas and social programs that are supposedly for the common or greater good, but are nothing more than additional systems of socialistic control. For the sake of brevity, the ones I listed above are issues commonly seen in the media as of late. When seen separately, they seem harmless and unobtrusive, but taken together, this movement is a planned and organized agenda to unravel our culture, republic, and freedom.


My next post in the series, Socialism - the Lie Part 3 will delve into the groups/programs and architects of the socialistic movement. 


God Bless,












































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