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2019 1st Democratic Debate

June 29, 2019




Wednesday and Thursday provided the first look at the twenty Democratic candidates. While many candidates' positions vary from one degree to another, there is a general consensus among their overall ideology. This post


serves to summarize these views based on what was said during their recent debate. Keep in mind, this is the first of twelve debates before the primary madness comes to a close, so many positions could alter as the number of candidates dwindle. The topics I listed below were derived from the prominence of questions asked by the moderators and the commentary of the candidates themselves. 


Gun Control



All candidates support one form or another of gun control. All support a degree of banning certain firearms while initiating some form of "Buy Back" initiative. All candidates are also advocates of increased background checks or extra licensing laws.  


Note: Though Elizabeth Warren supports the above measures, she was the only candidate that believes resources should be allocated toward research on mental health and support.


Health Care



Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Kamala Harris (who dialed back the following day) are the dominant advocates of Single-Payer health care, while the others flirt with the issue. Though most of the candidates support Medicare-for-all, the majority also believe in maintaining an option for those wishing to keep their private healthcare or purchasing additional private insurance based on personal needs.


Note: In countries such as Sweden and Canada where Universal Healthcare is used, the number of private insurance providers are growing due to the quality of care these companies provide.  


Note: Many of the candidates have quoted that "Health Care is a Human Right." Unfortunately, that statement/ideology is unconstitutional. Health care is a service... not an inalienable right, which is a right granted to us by God, recognized by the State, and can only be taken away through due process.   





The common consensus among the candidates is an open-border policy. Security of our border has a tangential importance at best - their primary focus being the humanitarian angle. Recent news of the influx of immigrants at the border has spurred this ideology.


Note: For over year, the current administration has warned of the border crisis, but the far-left was dismissive - considering the issue a "manufactured crisis." Only recently has their attention and urgency changed.



Climate Change


The majority of the candidates believe climate change is the most perilous threat to our nation. But aside from the recommendation of renewable energy sources such as solar power and wind, or instituting a carbon tax, there were no solutions presented by the candidates. 


Note: Despite the candidates' sense of urgency toward climate change, not one  mentioned nuclear power - the most safest and cost effective form of energy. 





 There is not much to say about this topic. The unanimous consensus toward abortion among the candidates was; No limits to either access or term of pregnancy. And all of it funded by their Health care plans. Ergo...paid by the taxpayer. 



The Weird


 I'll let the video speak for itself. Before watching, get your chakras aligned and make sure to bathe in your essential oils. <snicker>







There was nothing surprising about the debates. Their positions over various topics were predictable. However, we witnessed the first in-fighting amongst the candidates as they jockey into position. As they continue to duel amongst themselves over the debates to come, we will see if the remaining candidates continue to press their socialistic ideology or slowly drift to the center.  


God Bless,




















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