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2nd Democratic Debate

August 8, 2019


Last week was the second Democratic debate consisting of familiar faces along with some new candidates who were unable to make the prior event. As much as I wanted to write this article immediately following the debate, I thought it best to delay this post to allow the mainstream media to commence with their pundit rhetoric before I added my two cents.


If you willed yourself to watch this event, you probably exposed yourself to the same mind-numbing experience akin to watching water boil or paint drying. For a group that prizes themselves as liberal, they were phenomenally dull. With so many candidates stretched over a two-day period, it would be agonizing to discuss each of their platforms...especially since many mirror each other. So I will only provide the highlights...highlights being a strong word for this monotonous affair.   


What Did We Learn? 

1) The candidates definitely have a strong dislike for the President. They repeatedly criticized his policies and did their upmost to distant themselves from his administration. The only problem is...the President I'm referring to is not Trump, but President Obama. Don't get me wrong, these candidates are not part of any love fest for President Trump, but the second debate was all about attacking Joe Biden and the administration he served. Their assault on Obama was a clear indication of the party's radical move to the left. They almost made Obama appear far-right. This is a clear sign how out-of-touch the Democratic party is with their base. Obama had a 97% approval rate among Democrats and they're demonizing him. 


2) We saw the first rift among the candidates' ideology. On one side...Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. They represented the ultra far left. This was clearly apparent during the discussion about healthcare. They propose a single-payer insurance which would replace your existing coverage...even if you wanted to keep your current insurance policy. The other candidates, though embracing a broader use of Medicare, defended the position that people should have the right to keep their policy if they preferred it to the universal system. All still very left, but not as left as Bernie and Elizabeth.



3) We discovered Kamala Harris's Achilles heel. During the debate, Tulsi Gabbard exposed to the world just how imperfect Kamala's tenure as Attorney General of California truly was. Between over-sentencing, and withholding evidence, Kamala can no longer cling to her former job as a viable reference. This slam was so good, I even included the video clip.


4) Slave Reparations is an actual Legislative agenda for the Democrats. Really? How do we determine who receives this benefit? And just as do we determine who pays for it?


In Conclusion


This debate was more about each candidate trying to differentiate themselves from amongst the herd than sharing an actual legislative agenda. Some candidates rushed toward the center, others clung to the far-left, and many tiptoed between the center and the far-left. The best highlight was Tulsi Gabbard's left hook and uppercut to Kamala's glass jaw. 








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