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End Domestic Terrorism Rally - Portland Oregon Aug 17th 2019

August 29, 2019



Because size and blog platform limitations, I created a YouTube video (above) that covers the rally of Aug 17th. I also added a voice-over narrative. While most of the footage was done by our team on the ground, other footage was added from other sources to add scope and background.


When posting the pics on the forum last week, I made some disclosures. I will repeat them here. 


*** Disclosure - The Three Percent Originals did not officially participate in the rally. A team was there to only observe, report, and gather any available intel surrounding the event


*** Disclosure - A report is being made for Regional and National Leadership. Release of this report will be at their discretion.


***Disclosure - All footage shown in this article is not a violation of OPSEC rules. Due to the amount of national coverage, all photos and videos are part of the public domain. (Every footage you see, nearby were always at least 3-4 local and national news agencies with portable camera units)




God Bless,












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