Three Percenters Original - More Than Wearing a Cool T-shirt

October 5, 2019


This article is about tough love. Our nation is in the midst of perilous times. Our Second Amendment rights are under assault, Freedom of Speech is in jeopardy, the country's debt is bloated, and after three years, our President hasn't served a single day without being accused of an illegitimate administration. And the cherry atop this nightmarish sundae is the overwhelming sentiment toward far-left, socialist ideals that plague our schools, government, and civic institutions.


So I pose the question. What are you doing about it? You are a Three Percent Original, right? Being a Patriot is more than just screaming at the television when Glenn Beck or Sean Hannity are on. Being a Three Percenters Original is a CALL TO ACTION! Now for you trolls out there, I am not advocating a call to violence. This CALL TO ACTION is a cry for many of you to get off your buttocks and participate.


How do you want me to participate? A reasonable inquiry.


Participating in our Organization does not mean you're required to storm the steps of your state capital on a whim. Some states do not have the resources or manpower for that endeavor. Contributing to this organization comes in many forms.


You could contribute in disaster recovery in the states that need assistance. There are also ways to help with community outreach. How about your state chapter development? Are you communicating with other members and keeping them engaged? Are you training together or formulating disaster plans should a catastrophe arise? How about stepping up and offering to take a leadership position where needed?  Are you taking an active role in building the team? And yes...there is activism as well.


My point...DO SOMETHING if you are truly sincere about your convictions. We are not asking you to sacrifice your family or God toward this enterprise. You all went through the vetting process with the intent to be a part of something.'re in!!!  All we ask is to set aside some of your time to be a part of an organization that serves America and the greater good. Don't just lather yourself in gun oil, throw on a Three Percenter's shirt and wallow in complacency. I am not formerly from a Special Forces unit. I am not even former military. Trust me...if I can do it...anyone can.


I may enjoy Pinot Noir, but I'm not a PINO (Patriot In Name Only) 


Reach out to your leadership at state and regional levels. Coordinate with other chapter members and build your team.


Message to Leaders

If the beginning entails just getting together to chat, so be least you're together and from there ideas can flourish. I have some mottos my chapter members have become familiar with. One is "Moving slow is fine, so long as we keep moving." And when it comes to my style of leadership..."My job is to be glue and to keep people engaged." We all have our own styles when dealing with group dynamics. And we all make mistakes. Keep in contact with your chapter members. They are more than just members...they're family. 



So there is my tough love. You should not be offended, but if I made you question your involvement, or lack thereof, then my intention has been fulfilled. Remember the excitement and urgency you felt when you first wanted to join. Remember the oath you took. And remember we are all in this together.


 Take care my brothers and Sisters.


God Bless,
















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