New Org Blacklisted


22 January 2020

Effective immediately, The Three Percenters - Original (TTPO) has determined the organization by the name of “Union of the Three Percenters American Patriots” is to be added to the names of organizations that have been blacklisted in our Operations Manual.

The National Council has based its decision on the following facts:

- A former member in a leadership role decided to leave TTPO and start the aforementioned organization

- Said member has violated the copyright on TTPO logo using it for this new organization’s logo.

- Said member used his previous access as a leader to TTPO private roster information in order to recruit members

- Said member, upon leaving TTPO, was made well aware that any actions such as these would come with consequences

By blacklisting the organization “Union of the Three Percenters American Patriots” it is expected members of The Three Percenters - Original will NOT be a member of, nor participate in any manner with, this newly blacklisted group. Thank you for your understanding.

National Council

The Three Percenters - Original

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