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So...What now?

February 16, 2020




We have watched the current President be bombarded by the far-left for three years, and spent our recent Christmas Holiday observing the impeachment fiasco. Despite an impressive showing during the Virginia rally, gun laws across the nation continue to threaten our constitutional rights. And with the election looming in the near future, one simply has to ask the question...What to we do now?


First of all...the answer to that question depends on perspective. Some states are feeling a greater threat to their 2A rights than others. While some are facing taxation/cap and trade legislation. Individuals will always prioritize the issues that they feel impacts them the most on a personal level. 


Secondly...we must consider an individual's remedy of the problems. Is the goal to enlighten the nation with the conservative ideology? Is it simply to have our President re-elected? Or would we all feel better by just abolishing the absurd gun law legislation politicians are proposing?


The answer is not one you will want to hear. All the above are but micro issues to the macro landscape before us. And what is this landscape you ask? The arena we are playing in is a cultural war. And IT'S OVER...AND WE LOST. We are dealing with a progressive shift in a paradigm from what Straus & Howe refer to as the consciousness revolution. These phases in history have repeated since England's War of the Roses, and they all end in what is referred to as a secular crisis



In America 

* Great Awakening led to the American Revolution

* Transcendental Awakening led to the Civil War

* Third Great Awakening led to the Great Depression/World War II

* The Consciousness Revolution (Our Current phase) Will most likely lead to global financial meltdown.



There are four generational archetypes—Prophet, Nomad, Hero, and Artist—that have recurred in that order throughout American history. The generations in each archetype have similar age locations in history, and thus share some basic attitudes towards family, risk, culture and values, and civic engagement, among other things. As each archetype ages, its persona undergoes profound and characteristic changes. Yet each also has an underlying identity that endures over the centuries. Throughout modern history, the four generational archetypes have followed one another in a recurring cycle   - Strauss & Howe


In short...we are dealing with a generational shift that will continue on its course until a secular crisis emerges that will change the paradigm. What that change will bring in its one knows. Our American History has shown that things improve (again perception) following the secular crisis. But with change comes a bit of pain.


So my answer to What do I do now, has to remain simple. Worry about what YOU can control. Feed your family...Pray to your God, and be mindful of your personal lifestyle/habits. From there...expand your circle to friends and more family...your brothers and sisters in this organization. Preparing begins with YOU...not the politican that stands against everything you believe in.You cannot win an ideology battle against those that are intolerant. That way of thinking is just insanity.  









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