COVID 19 - What Becomes of Us?

April 5, 2020


So here we are. Within the past month we have been inundated with Social Distancing, quarantines, lockdowns, and an absurd shortage of toilet paper. Fears of the unknown are before us, and for the first time since the Great Generation fought in World War II, apprehensive gazes shift from one individual to another, questioning our uncertain future. I must disclose, this article may have a darker tone. Within this article, you will see aspects of various conspiratorial thought without specifically endorsing any particular theory. The canvas from which I will work from shall be based from a social and historical perspective.


This article will neither delve into how the virus got here nor question the actual severity of the virus. I leave that to medical professionals. Debating whether its man-made; stronger or weaker than prior pandemics, etc., is a futile gesture of grasping for control when surrounded by uncertainty. Covid 19 is here and we have to assess and prepare for what comes ahead regarding our republic.


What we know

*At the time of writing this article there has been 1.3 million infected and over 73,000 deaths worldwide. 

*The majority of the states are in lockdown/shelter-in-place status. 

*The apex of the virus spread is still before us. 

*Protective devices/resources are strained.

*The economic impact is severe.


What we don't know

* How long this will last. (The social Distancing/shelter-in-place)

* A definitive cure or whether the virus may or may not mutate.

* Future economic ramifications.

***This list could go on for three pages, but the above are the primary catalysts that feed the rest. 



Secular Crisis

If you read my last article, I mentioned the concept Secular Crisis from which the paradigm that we know will change based on prior occurrences throughout American history. Please read or re-read that article for perspective. Take a good, hard look around you. The pandemic itself and the devastation it could potentially lay in its wake could have an unparalleled effect on the economy worldwide. Such an impact could be the Secular Crisis the sociologists Strauss & Howe referred to that will change EVERYTHING.  


The Tinfoil Hat the heart of the matter. Time to get a little weird. So grab your cup of coffee, put on some Doors or Jimi Hendrix and let us dig in.


There is a conspiratorial thought commonly known as The New World Order - its purpose to implement a One World Government to replace the existing socio-economic and geographical borders that exist today. The tinfoil of this subject is generally applied when trying to identify the source - Illuminati, Trilateral Commission, Lizard People, etc. Again, like I emphasized above regarding the virus - the "how" is an attempt to find a measure of personal control. However, the overall concept of a one world government is not as radical as you think. All one has to do is look upon the ENTIRE history of the world. Look below at civilization's progression of socio-economic development:


- Hunter tribesman formed Villages.

- Villages formed Towns.

- Villages formed Cities.

- Cities formed City-States.

- City-States formed Kingdoms.

- Kingdoms formed nations

- Nations formed Intercontinental institutions (EU, NAFTA, UN, etc.)


Taking into account resources, population, and looking at history, it would appear that within the complex socio-economic system of humanity, the natural progression is some form of One World Government. And here's the rub. With every progression, the individual loses a measure of control and identity which is deferred to the new paradigm. Some argue a One World Government would herald a utopian way of life. could. But for who and how many?  And what is the cost for everyone else?


  Back to the Present


Using the above as our reference for the future, we can see what is coming. Here is what we know. As of the writing of this article, there are over 2.5 BILLION people on the planet in some form of lockdown/Shelter-in-place status. This is unprecedented. No generation in the history of the world has observed what we are experiencing at this very moment. Look how quickly it was done. And more importantly, for better or worse, due to the virus...LOOK HOW EASILY IT WAS DONE. A couple press conferences, some signatures, and half of the earth's population is stuck indoors.


The Dark Road


We have witnessed throughout our American history how crisis spurs measures of control. 9-11 proved to America that the STATE must protect us. The Patriot Act would shield us from our enemies despite the slow, systematic eradication of the liberties promised by our God and the Founding Fathers. Again...a measure of control. In the aftermath of Covid 19, what will be the protection the STATE will offer its Citizens? What will be the next measure of control? I have some theories, and again, without wearing a tinfoil hat, they are comprised based on prior historical reference with the inclusion of the means in which to implement. This is my opinion of the progression and things to watch out for.


1. Full implementation of 5G worldwide. It will become the new platform to collect, collate, and share data unlike anything we've seen, as well as become a platform to launch advanced technology. 

2. New Health Monitoring Devices. Because our government wants to protect us, devices to monitor health in one measure or another will be utilized. For example - it will be known whether one individual has obtained certain vaccines for particular ailments. With a simple scan of a medical bracelet or implanted chip, any authority will be aware of another's condition/status. If there is a mandate with repercussions for non-compliance, the monitoring device will reveal all. 

(5G can easily do this)

3. The term "Social Distancing" shall evolve to become a meme to identify certain ideologies that are different from your own. For example: "I feel threatened from those scary guns and need to have social distance from those who believe in their 2nd Amendment rights." Think how equality evolved into Social Justice. 

4. Sweeping ban of ammo and firearm purchases that will begin with advanced monitoring. (Again...5G)


I'm stopping the list there, and could delve deeper into detail on each one, but for the sake of brevity, I'm just making broad strokes. 


What can we do?


Be true to ourselves and each other. There is a wave coming. It's irrefutable. What lies in the aftermath is completely unknown. For some, such as myself, I take comfort in knowing God is in control. And if all these horrific things should unfold, I know his gaze is upon us all. (I could write 20 more articles regarding my faith and the calamity before us, but I will leave it as is). Love your family. Love your friends. And take care of them. The world is too big to save by yourself. Start small and progress. Begin with taking measures to improve yourself. Expand to protect family and loved ones. And if able, extend a hand to the community. 


God Bless you all. And God Bless the United States of America. 













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