Support Local Businesses Who Defy the Lockdown

May 9, 2020

Across multiple states we are seeing business owners defy the shutdown decrees in order to feed their families and keep their businesses afloat. Many small businesses that have been in the family for generations have permanently shutdown due to the draconian measures coming from the various Governors across the nation. 



Small businesses are implementing extra measures to maintain social distancing to ensure customer safety, but despite their effort, Governors are refusing to allow them to open. And to enforce their decrees, individuals are threatened with fines and imprisonment, which directly violates their rights as described in the Constitution of the United States. But some business owners are saying "ENOUGH!"


This blog will contain links to various examples where businesses have defied the lockdown status. Please see their courage. Their call was answered by patriots wishing to support them. 


This is not a call for violence. THIS IS A CALL FOR PARTICIPATION.

There small business owners out there who are not stepping forward in fear of the intimidation tactics from their respective states. But we are not intimidated by their feckless policies. We must covey and show that these brave owners are not alone. Whether public speaking, making signs or just cheering, the main purpose is PRESENCE.  Optics has an integral influence to perception. Only by adding our numbers to the patriots out there can we hope of bringing an end to this lockdown madness before our economy implodes. 



Example: On Monday, I joined a protest for a local salon owner who defied Kate Brown's closure order. OSHA (Oregon Occupational Safety and Health) threatened to fine Lindsey G. $1,200. If she continued to not comply, the fine could be as much as $70000. She refused. 100 patriots showed up and stood in front of her business to protest. On


the following day, there were 10 patriots watching the store. The police issued threats of arrest. When they left, they threatened that when they returned, everyone protesting would be arrested. The word spread, and I rushed down there. Within thirty minutes, ten patriots turned into seventy. The police never returned. It was numbers that served as a deterrent. 


That is what these owners need...your presence and support. There is no better purpose than defending those who cannot defend themselves. It amazes me that during this lockdown, the first to dump their tea in the bay are women who cut our hair. So, next time a rally/protest is near you, take a good look in the mirror before you conjure an excuse of why you cannot attend. From time to time, being inconvenienced is good for the soul. Three Percent Original is more than enhancing firearm proficiency and physical's service. Serve these business owners by standing beside them.


God Bless,












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Support Local Businesses Who Defy the Lockdown

May 9, 2020

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