Response to Riots Across the U.S.


RE: Response to Riots Across the U.S.

As we watch the violent riots going on across the U.S. currently, we would like to address our organization's position in the matter. The Three Percenters - Original recognizes and appreciates the right of peaceful protests through marches and assembly. However, violent and destructive riots and blatant theft are criminal behaviors that dishonor the search for justice.

As TTPO we will not stand to see these individuals destroy our America, destroy American businesses and rise against our government in such a violent manner. We will also not respond in the same violent manner. As a member, we encourage you to join or organize peaceful counter-protests. Violence should not be our response at this time. If attending a peaceful protest this should be done without battle-rattle, no open carry, and in soft clothing.

Leaders please note: If you plan on attending, you must have a strategic plan that includes headcount in and out, maps, comms, medic, ingress/egress points, etc. Avoid all acts of violence, but if necessary, only in self defense. Safety above all.

National Council

The Three Percenters - Original

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