Operation Innocent Defense


RE: Operation Innocent Defense

All across America we’re witnessing an insurrection occurring that has deep roots in Communism and anarchy. These riots and turmoil are by design to disrupt America this election year and to inject ideals that are not consistent with our constitution. The leftist tactics have been uncovered and they are willing to do anything to ensure Trump will not gain re-election. In doing so, people’s lives have been lost in the streets, businesses burned, and cities demolished. Make no mistake about it, this is war on America and western civilization brought about by domestic terrorists. We call upon our local, state, and federal government to protect its citizens from these domestic enemies and uphold the law.

As members of The Three Percenters - Original, we are not the police and we do not enforce the laws. We will however stand in defense of innocent civilians and safeguard their way of life and protect their freedoms. Today the National Council is authorizing states to form a contingency plan to protect both individuals and businesses from harm and destruction. We are not calling for counter protests in the streets or violent street wars. We are asking our states to come to the aid and defense of the innocent.

As per our By-Laws, we are not here to create violence. Violence should always be a last resort and even then should only be defensive in nature. As per the third principle of The Three Percenters: “Don't fire unless fired upon. We are not the aggressor nor antagonist. We are purely defensive and only as a last resort.” Leaders, our Hold Harmless Agreement has been updated in our Operations Manual. Please ensure all members that attend any of our events from here forward have our Hold Harmless Agreement on file and it has been signed by a witness that is not a leader in their chain. Also, all State Leaders are to submit their contingency plans for defensive purposes or other operational requirements to their Regional Leader for a final approval prior to execution.

National Council

The Three Percenters - Original

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