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RE: New Blacklisted Organization: Three Percent Republic

As of 23 July 2020, the aforementioned organization, Three Percent Republic, has been blacklisted by our organization. Members of The Three Percenters - Original are not to have membership in their group for reasons to be stated.

In light of recent confusion, it seems necessary we ensure that all are aware that the Three Percenters - Original and Three Percent Republic are two entirely separate entities.

We are The Three Percenters - Original. It is imperative that the distinction is made between the two for many important reasons. Three Percent Republic was started by a few individuals who left our organization around four years ago. They use an out-dated version of our bylaws, as well as our state/zone maps. Much of what they do is similar to ours with key differences. We want to ensure that our members know that we, as an organization, have a strict vetting process as we believe it is best to have quality over quantity. We also continue to stand by our statement that we are not anti-government and therefore continue to uphold the laws of this great nation, thus do not allow nearly any felons into the organization. In the event that a felon is vetted in, it is under the complete acknowledgement they are not to attend training or events where firearms will be present. This, unfortunately, is not done by the Three Percent Republic, and they, in fact, encourage such.

We also have under good authority that the Three Percent Republic also supports a notorious racist organization and that stolen valor is common amongst their leadership. We have added this organization to our official Blacklisted Organizations list that can be found in our Operations Manual. Therefore, no member of The Three Percenters - Original should be a member of or seek membership with the Three Percent Republic. Doing so can lead to termination of membership within TTPO.

Should you have any questions regarding this statement or the information contained within, please feel free to reach out to your local leadership team who will ensure your questions are answered in a timely fashion.


National Council

The Three Percenters - Original

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