Permanent Boot from Facebook


Today we witnessed what can only be described as a purge of conservative organizations that are determined to preserve the foundations of this great country. Today, our organization was kicked off of Facebook. The Oathkeepers were also hit. All admins on all of our state chapter groups were booted off of Facebook. Our personal profiles banned, our business pages deleted, and with no explanation as to why from Facebook. We can only assume that it has to do with the following:

We have said it until we’re blue in the face: WE ARE NOT A MILITIA. But it doesn’t matter, Facebook is a communist organization and they have an election to sway. They purged our org and admins with NO PROOF of anything. It was done solely because they do not like us. We violated NO RULES and NO TERMS. Period. We do not call for violence, we do not seek violence, and we do not condone violence. We don’t fire unless fired upon and we’re not the antagonist.

When trying log back in we get the following message:

Our National Facebook Page which had 240,000 likes has been deleted. The only thing that remains are our state chapter groups. If you are still in those groups that have not been deleted yet, please go to the forum and join now: If you do not receive an email link to join after signing up please check your spam folder.

Going forward we will focus our recruiting efforts via Parler and MEWE. We currently have a Parler account that’s growing rapidly. Please be sure to follow us there. You can find us by searching for @ThreePercenters.

See you on the Forum!

The National Council

The Three Percenters - Original

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