Voter Intimidation Directive

TTPO Members:

The Stand Down Order that was issued on 8/26/20 is rescinded, effective immediately. If anyone feels the need to attend protests/counter protests we ask that you be sure to not wear military fatigues nor logos/patches/etc. And as always, we ask that you always keep our members' safety in mind by always gathering intel prior to any event and having a re-deploy plan standing by if things start to heat up. Safety is our number one priority.

We will issue a new directive at this time, that no one from our organization is allowed to congregate around any polling place during an election. Doing so can be considered voter intimidation and is a federal crime. Any member that attempts to do so will be dismissed from our organization immediately.

The U.S. Department of Justice has explained that voter intimidation is conduct that is intended to compel prospective voters to vote against their preferences, or to not vote at all, through activity that is reasonably calculated to instill fear. Some actions that ordinarily would be legal may be unlawful if they are intended to intimidate voters.

Voter intimidation is often subtle and context-dependent, so it can be difficult to identify in advance. Here are some examples of conduct near polling sites that likely would constitute illegal voter intimidation, although other conduct could also qualify:

• Violent behavior inside or outside the polling site

• Verbal threats of violence

• Spreading false information about voter fraud, voting requirements, or related criminal penalties

• Confronting voters while wearing military-style or official-looking uniforms

• Brandishing firearms or the intimidating display of firearms

• Disrupting voting lines or blocking the entrance to the polling place

• Following voters to, from, or within the polling place

• Aggressively approaching voters’ vehicles or writing down voters’ license plate numbers

• Harassing voters, aggressively questioning them about their qualifications to vote

As TPPO members we respect and value the freedom that ALL Americans have the right to vote for who they want without fear or intimidation from any outside source.

There was a recent incident in North Carolina where Black Lives Matter blocked people from entering polling places and some people called on patriots to mount up and protect the polling places. This is NOT our job and doing so is a federal crime. If you witness voter intimidation at your polling place we highly encourage you to call the hotline for your state found here:

More information on the legalities of voter intimidation can be found here:

We admonish all of our members to get out and vote tomorrow like our country depends on it!


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